Thursday, August 22, 2013

Children's Stories from Soviet Russia

I have illustrated Leo Tolstoy's 'Three Bears' for designing this brochure. This is a promotional material for Mathrubhumi Books' children's book, "Soviet naattile balakathakalum nadodikkathakalum" (Children’s stories from Soviet Union). This is the first time I am illustrating a story for a brochure. The book contains two volumes with more than 200 stories. The illustrations of this book are also done by me. I will post few samples later. The brochure contains 12 pages in 20 cm x 20 cm size. I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Mr. Georgy Thomas, Assistant Manager Mathrubhumi Books, for his support on conceiving this idea.

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Najma Anoop said...

hi mr.sreelal.

was searching for details of this book .soviet naattile balakathakalum nadodikathakalum. Thats how reached here. The brochure is very nice. such nice illustrations. Parayaan vaakkukal illa.
Plz clarify this doubt if you can. That is, this book is of how many pages?. Says more than 2000 pages. That means each volume is more than 2000 pages each?.or both volumes combined together is more than 2000?
Coz the prize seems to be bit high if its around 2000 pages for both volumes combined. I dont know anything about the printing or illustrations inside the book.
So if you could plz post some illustrations inside the book.
Thank you,