Saturday, September 4, 2010

White-Red-Yellow Covers

They say not to judge a book by its cover. But I say you have to judge the book by something especially when you can’t read a thousand words in a second. I love consolidating all that is said in a book by one single picture or design.

For red-white-black/grey covers

The white-red-black/grey combination is one of my favourite. Prominently white covers become a sore sight after a while so I believe mixing them with a tinge of red and black will give an elegance they deserve.

• Inez by Carlos Fuentes, Publisher: DC Books

• The Good Terrorist by Doris Lessing, Publisher: DC Books

• In the Name of Honour by Mukthar Mai, Publisher: DC Books

• Ganitha sasthrathinte vichithra lokam by Palliyara Sreedharan, Publisher: DC Books

• White Castle by Orhan Pamuk, Publisher: DC Books

• Yudhabhashanam by Arundhathi Roy, Publisher: DC Books

• The President by Migual Anges Asturias, Publisher: DC Books

• JNU vile chumar chithrangal by Shajahan Madambattu, Publisher: DC Books

• Kadammanitta Kavithakal by Kadammanitta, Publisher: DC Books

Red-Black Covers

The colour red signifies power, lust and celebration. It is the theme of the book that helps me decide whether a particular book qualifies for a red and black cover.

• Adayalangal by M.G.Sasi, Publisher: DC Books

• Ashoka Chakram by Manilal Thirumala, Publisher: DC Books

• Pulijenmam by Priyanandan, Publisher: DC Books

Yellow-Brown Covers

In my opinion, yellow is the most eye-catching colour for a book cover. And most often, people seem to prefer the yellow-brown combination over others. It’s strange, but yellow seem to stand out from all the other colours when on the cover of a book.

• Jelavivekathilekku by Ramaswami R Iyer, Publisher: DC Books

• Gonzalez & Daughter Trading Co by Maria Amparo Escandon, Publisher: DC Books

• Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho, Publisher: DC Books

• Sthree by Madhavikkutti, Publisher: DC Books

• Ekantham by Aalankode Leelakrishnan, Publisher: DC Books

• Vishadam pookkunna Marangal by Madhavikkutti, Publisher: DC Books

Blue and green give a clean, cool, refreshing look to the covers.

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